About Us

A sustainable planet begins with caring for our neighbors in the animal world. At PandaPanda Clothing we're doing just that by supporting one of the most lovable animals on Earth, the panda.

To this point, conservation efforts have been successful! The panda has been removed from the Endangered Species List and onto the Vulnerable Species List. Nevertheless, the Panda is not in the clear. At PandaPanda Clothing, we hope to continue to support our panda friends in their battle to become a self-sustaining species. 

At PandaPanda Clothing, 10% of the net profits from your purchase will be donated to organizations working toward the conservation of the panda and their habitat. It is our goal to promote personal style with a purpose. We can all do more to support our communities, our earth, and our animal friends. Join PandaPanda Clothing in our fight for the survival of the panda. 

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